Removing the mundane
to free your potential.

Your legal tech Assistant

Why spend your time setting up files or dealing with post completion ? Your time can be better spent building a relationship with your clients.

From speaking to other consultants, it became obvious that not all of them have this support, due to the unique structure of being a consultant. It also became apparent that consultants were lacking this key support. 

So we listened. We realise we can help. We have the team and knowledge to offer support to other consultants.  

They do not have the time or resources to set up a team or manage one. Half of a consultant’s time can be lost in opening new files, admin jobs, updating lenders. Tasks, which are all necessary, but time-consuming and tedious. 

This stops a consultant capitalising on their earning potential. 

Tedius was born. A unique, easy-to-use service created solely for Taylor Rose MW Consultants, with an intuitive interface making it simple to monitor what we are doing for you.

You choose how you want to use it. 

No commitment, just pay as you go or if you want more regular support we offer that option as well.  

There to help you and provide you access to the vital support staff that you need.