Working as a consultant is fantastic, but taking time off can be a luxury. Finding a locum to cover you who knows what they are doing is a minefield.

Locum Support

As we work on the same systems as you we can provide the best locum cover. By having remote locum cover by fee earners (with a full support team behind them as well) who use the same systems and procedures as you means time is not wasted in them getting to grips with these. A full team providing the cover means if one person is off sick whilst you are away it is not a problem. Your work will be managed and overseen by a highly experienced solicitor and partner of Taylor Rose MW.  Upon your return from holiday, if a query crops up later on, then those people are still around to ask.

  • We deal with having your phone calls and emails diverted.

  • We will provide you with wording for your out of office, email signatures, etc. and checklists so you can make sure everything is in place when you go away;

  • A telephone log will be kept so you can see the phone calls you have received whilst off.

  • Quotes requests can be dealt with whilst you are away if you send us your price list.

  • A Daily Diary log of what has been dealt with whilst you are off will be provided so at a quick glance you can see what has been done in your absence.  DPS will be of course fully kept up to date as well.

  • Post/ correspondence/ emails dealt with;

  • Any files which need exchanging/ completing we can do;

  • New instructions received - we will set the files up for you ready for your return;

  • A return from the holiday list will be provided detailing what you need to deal with in priority order on your return.

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