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I'm a paragraph. To update me, go to the Data Manager. The Data Manager is where you store and collect data for your site.

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Click on find out more to see what we do in full, click on the price to use the service. 

All of our Prices are Exclusive of VAT. VAT being at the current rate of 20%

We like to be as helpful as we can.

We know working as a Consultant or a freelancer Solicitor or Legal Executive can be demanding. 

So we made some very helpful tools to make your workday a little bit easier. You can use some of them or all of them it is completely up to you how and when you utilise them.

Everything from A metasearch engine for the law to Helping you manage members of staff to sending an invoice. As they are free you may not get everything you need, but it's a good start. 

Some of the services will require you to sign up to the freetools portal via the extranet Minerva.

If you would like to know anymore contact us.

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