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About us

Working as a consultant office we saw that others didn't have the support or resources that we did.

We saw that this was stopping them reaching their potential.  

We started our Consultancy journey back in August 2014 when we opened up the very first Consultant run office in Taylor Rose MW.  Starting with a small team of ten staff we have now doubled in size and we have enjoyed every minute.


In January 2019, Felicity, as well as being a Consultant, was made a Partner of Taylor Rose MW.  Andrew and Felicity work together (and are also married!) in running our Consultancy firm along with our exceptional team.  Andrew manages the business and Felicity manages the conveyancing. Within our team we have always had excellent support staff and have heavily invested in training and development, which has aided in growing our client base and turnover. 


Our support staff work in small teams - Welcome Team, Dictation Team, Completion Team, Post Completion Team - so they are experts in their own area, breaking from the traditional “one secretary to one fee earner set up” which is not relevant to a modern law environment.  However, we ensure that our support staff are fully trained in all aspects of the process. 


Each team has an experienced and knowledgeable team leader at the helm and we are always looking for ways to make the process simpler and quicker for our team and clients.  

This means that we are able to offer all our clients a fast and efficient service and our fee earners can focus on doing the legal work, spending time with clients and offering the absolute best all-around service.  All the administrative tasks, which are an absolute necessity, are carried out correctly and timeously; reviews are carried out and paperwork chased without the fee earners even having to ask! 


We saw that other Consultants were often not lucky enough to have this same support available to them.  We saw that this was stopping them from reaching their potential and so we developed Tedius as a way to allow other Consultants, within Taylor Rose MW, to have access to this provision and services.  

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