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Title Check & Report

If you have standard enquiries, with specific wording or queries, please let us have these and we can incorporate them into the queries/ report we prepare for you. Here is what we do for you.

File Set up

We understand the pressures and how time-consuming setting a file can be. With our dedicated Welcome Team, we can help by taking on the burden of all the tasks that take up your valuable time.

File Lite

We understand the pressures and how time-consuming setting a file can be.
So with File lite, we have made it even more simple for you. We get the basics set up then you can do the rest.

Post Completion

Post completion work can take up a lot of your time, with tight deadlines and dates to be met. We want to help lighten the load, we can help take away the stress. Here is how we can help you.

File Closing

Helping you be compliant in case mangement​


Submitting the document to HMRC, dealing with Accounts, this all takes away time that you could be spending on other more important tasks. We can do all of this for you.

Search Report

For Environmental, Drainage & Water, Coal Mining & Local Authority Searches

Mortgage Reports

Conflicts checks, review of the offer and preparation of the report

Refer a file

Simple. Too many files to deal with? Refer a new matter to us and still earn a fee without having to lift a finger!


You send us the audio file, we do all the typing & checking let us worry about the words per minute.

Reception Cover

We take the calls we give you the information you need.

File Cover

Individual file cover for when you are away.


We can do so much more to help you

OUr Services

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