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Post completion work can take up a lot of your time, with tight deadlines and dates to be met. We want to help lighten the load, we can help take away the stress. Here is how we can help you.

Post Completion

  • Submission of Notice of Assignments and Deed of Covenants on leasehold matters;

  • Submission of Stock Transfer Form and Share Certificates on leasehold matters if required;

  • Obtaining the Certificate of Compliance for restrictions if required;

  • Registration of charge at Companies House if required;

  • Submission of Land Registration application to HMLR;

  • Dealing with requisitions raised by HMLR;

  • Ensuring priority searches in place as required;

  • Liaising with lenders and updating them where necessary with regards to pending registrations;

  • Updating LMS/ Lender Exchange where required for lenders;

  • Sending Title Information Documents to Lenders as per CML requirements;

  • Sending Title Information Documents  to Clients;

  • Dealing with balances of monies on account and liaising with the Client and our Account Department;

  • Completion of Closing Risk Assessment;

  • Closing of the file correctly as per the File Closing Procedure;

  • Arranging of the file to go to the archive and be stored with Taylor Rose MW

(Original file must be sent to our office immediately after completion)

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