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We understand the pressures and how time-consuming setting a file can be. With our dedicated Welcome Team, we can help by taking on the burden of all the tasks that take up your valuable time.

File Set up

  • Taking the card payment/ providing bank details for initial monies on account from the client.

  • Allocation of funds received to the file via 3E

  • Liaising with the Accounts Department to ensure payment credited to correct account once the file has been opened;

  • Setting up of the new file in MS - please provide us with as much detail as possible to ensure that this is all correctly noted in there, which will assist you as you progress the file;

  • Preparing and emailing the Client Care Pack to Client (detailing the accepted quotation you provide to us);

  • Periodic chase ups to the Client for the return of their completed Client Care pack and associated documents;

  • Carrying out the GOOSE Check;

  • Carrying out the verification of the other side Solicitor & Companies;

  • Online ID Checks (following receipt of the correct ID from the Clients);

  • Periodic chase up of Estate Agent’s Particulars;

  • Initial letters to the Solicitor acting for the other party to comply with CQS Requirements;

  • Periodic chase up of Contract Packs on purchase files;

  • Obtaining Official Copy Entries and documents and saving them into MS on a sale/ remortgage file;

  • Send the Plan and Protocol forms to the Clients on purchase files for them to peruse and request they sign and return the plan;

  • Send initial letter to Client requesting their Source of funds documentation on a purchase file

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