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We understand the pressures and how time-consuming setting a file can be.
So with File lite, we have made it even more simple for you. We get the basics set up then you can do the rest.

File Lite

  • Input client data in the Case Management System

  • Check details are correct

  • Draft client care letters

  • Add memo of Sale to The Case management System

  • Or add a Grant of Lease to Case Management System

  • Update you with the File reference Details

  • Carry out GOOSE check

  • Carry Out initial Risk assessment

  • Online ID check

  • Obtain Office copies save them to the Case management system

If after we have set the file Lite file up and you would like us to continue just get in touch with the team and we be happy to continue at the normal file set up rate.

We do require a Memo of Sale or a Grant of Lease to be able to set up a file lite.

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